Friday, July 15, 2011

Continuing this search

So I've continued to read these weird schizo blogs. They're fucking weird, y'know? I kinda like them, though. Kinda sorta. They're good free entertainment and when the main characters go batshit it's fucking hilarious. So cheesy at times though, really. C'mon, you know Zero's shitty spelling and shit is obviously just the college-age writer trying to make the character seem fucking crazy.

I've begun watching Marble Hornets, too. Funny shit, except the main character is fucking retarded. Really, what the fuck? Whoever makes it should know that it's so unrealistic like that. No one is that stupid. Well, they are, but they wouldn't live that fucking long if they were.

It's free shit, though, so it's not like I can expect it to be good.

Morningstar, Morningstar. Nice in-character shit. At first I thought you were a crazy schizo dude, but now I've come to appreciate your dedication. Nice work, man, although you might wanna tone down the fucking batshit part. It's a little unrealistic, y'know?

Really, I've come to have respect for you crazy ass writers. At least you stay in-character.

One thing, though. The zombie fight I saw. Apparently that shit was Operation Wintergreen? Zabby over there bitched be out about not helping them or some shit like that. Now that... I know I sound batshit, but it happened. It really fucking happened. And I don't know how or why.


  1. You really are amusing. You know that a zombie fight with a bunch of teenagers and suicide happened, and you refuse to believe all this other shit? Wow...

    And I'm glad we're at nicknames now, Jamesy-boy.

  2. Hey, man, zombies are believable. At work we plan out what we'd do if there was a zombie invasion.

    Now, creepy alien dude without fucking faces? Yeah, no. You gotta draw the line somewhere, Zabby.

    Nice job staying in character by the way. Seriously, man.

  3. Hahah that's like saying that ghosts are more probably than good Italian food--it makes no sense.

    And you know what? I'm gonna give up trying to make you believe. You'll see soon enough.