Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Post

I don't expect anyone to really read this or find it. Probably good, because if my superiors found out I'd made a blog to bitch about them and work they'd probably fire me. Again.

Anyway, anyone who does find this, hey, I'm James, and I am a firefighter. I fight fires. It seems pretty obvious, doesn't it? You'd think so, but you have no idea how many calls I've gotten from old ladies because their cats are stuck in the tree. Lady, I'm a fucking FIREFIGHTER, not a cat retriever. Call your son-in-law to get it for you. I'm sure he can.

So I moved to Austin about a month ago. Oh man. Can you say fires? Loads of 'em. It's fucking Texas, how many trees are around to burn down? Apparently a lot. I'd moved here from Montana for work. Fucking fired from there. It's not my fault that so many fires happened around me and that those kids disappeared.

But that's a story for another day.

Anyway, see you later. I gotta go get dinner now.

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