Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I hate fire. And Mexican restaurants.

Holy shit, I managed to get three followers? Already? Crazy. They've all got pretty weird names, though.

Anyway, there's been some fires around Texas lately, but I haven't been sent out yet. I guess the boss just wants to keep us around in case some dumbass thinks it's a good idea to throw a cigarette into some dry bush or some shit like that and catches the whole city on fire. I heard one story about this guy with his head up his ass in LA or something who got lost in a forest and decided to make a signal fire. He ended up lighting the whole fucking county on fire and causing millions of dollars in damage.

Fucking Californians. I swear, they're all doped up on something.

There was a fire in Austin a few days ago, though. It happened at night at some shitty Mexican restaurant, at 3 fucking am. Do you know what it's like to get woken up at 3 fucking am to go put on some heavy ass suit and run into a building that's on fire? No, you don't.

We couldn't figure out what caused it, although it did start in the attic. Weird. Some mysterious fire in the attic of a Mexican restaurant? Anyway, three of our men got injured too. Since I'm the newbie here, I didn't know 'em very well, but I hope they get better soon. Less firefighters means there's a greater chance of me getting injured on the job.


  1. Wrong choice of profession, much?

    Anyways, I hope they get better soon.

    As for you, try not to get too crispy, not good for the calendars if you know what I mean...

  2. Eh. I like my job, it's not too bad aside from everything I bitch about. I just hate waking up at 3 am.