Thursday, July 28, 2011

I bet you were all refreshing my blog page like mad for 13 days waiting for a blog post from yours truly. Well, here it finally is.

I haven't had much to say except he's following me watching me holy fucking shit. He's there right now, and it's fucking... Fucking pissing me off and I hate it. I want to just grab a goddamn flamethrower and go Leeroy Jenkins on his skinny ass.

Too bad I don't own a fucking flamethrower.

I've been continuing work, but it's been harder. There's been more fires. Suspicious fires. I don't know if he's starting them or what. I heard he does. Fucker. Guess he's a pyro too.

My date was good, though. If Slendypoo hadn't shown up, I probably coulda gotten some ass.

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